I feel the anxiety building up as I sit in front of this computer.
I’ve found out that one of the hardest things I’ve been going through is being alone is this room working for so long;

I have some images of how university used to be; and yes I got through some real tough phases while I was in there, even harder phases then now; but I also remember how was it to have some other place to go, to see some other people, to do some other things, to feel life open.

I’ve decided to take an online singing class today and I feel anxious about it too;
I don’t know what to expect and how to respond; I don’t know if I will persue this lessons – because of the money needed, and the time, and my own frustrations; Also, it’s another thing at home. I can’t do this anymore.

Too much home time is no good.

I’m calming myself to go through what I need to go through in regards of my business; but if there’s something I can do away, I would much rather to.

Also, I’ve been thinking about my Christimas and my vacation. I’m used to be living and feeling good things in this seasons and now I looks so uncertain; I feel like greeving the loss of something that was always a good guide to balance myself.

I think I’ll have to find some new things for myself.
Like, what would I like to do for christmas in order not to get really sad all days?
What will I like to do for the New Year’s Eve?

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